Sunday, April 21, 2024

Warning: Factory or Tuned Spec Motors

With the start of the 2017 outdoor season just days away, we wanted to caution our drivers on “tuned” Spec Motors that third party engineers are selling.  The spec motors–Speed Passion, Novak, & Schuur Speed–our good, solid motors that have a low variance of performance from one motor to another. That is one of the many reasons why tracks and series around the country are running them as their spec motor.  The spec motors that we and other tracks are selling are of the same quality.  It is our opinion that our racers do not need to spend the extra money to buy a “tuned” spec motor.  Though we believe that most motor tuners are building and tuning according to spec rules, we would be foolish to believe everyone is on the “level”.  With this being said, if your motor has been altered beyond the spec motor guidelines, you will be the one facing the consequences of having an illegal motor and be labeled a cheater by our track and your peers–no matter who built the motor–you are the one that ran it.  We highly suggest that you buy your spec motors from your local hobby shops and tracks to ensure that everything meets the motor rules package.  Now is a great time to visit our class specifications before the start of the season to make sure your equipment is legal.