Sunday, June 16, 2024

Limited Late Model


Late Model bodies may have openings for cylinder head, fuel tank access, glow plug, engine tuning, and exhaust outlets only. An under body support may be added to brace each rear quarter panel, but must hold it in stock position, can not be flared out. No additional wings, flaps, spoilers, wickers, vents or doohickeys will be allowed. Body may not be altered in any way from it’s stock configuration ie: shortened, lengthened, narrowed, flared fenders etc. Front and rear windows may be removed at trim lines but a flat lexan or similar material deck must be added in cockpit area. Bodies with add on roofs may leave front and rear windows in or out but roofs must be mounted in stock position. All four wheel wells must be cut out to appropriate scale dimensions.

  • Rear Spoiler: maximum chord is 2.75″ from body deck including any wickerbills.
  • Rear Spoiler Cap: See Drawing
  • Maximum rear deck height from bottom of chassis is 4.0″

Approved bodies only. No homemade bodies. Approved Late Model Body List :

  • Custom Works #9012 Eldora Late Model
  • Custom Works #9014 Paducah Late Model
  • Custom Works #9015 Springfield Late Model
  • Custom Works #9016 Paducah 2 Late Model
  • Custom Works #9070 Keystone Late Model
  • Custom Works #9071 Buckeye Late Model (9.5″)
  • Custom Works #9072 Mountaineer Late Model (10.0″)
  • McAllister #207 Tulsa Late Model
  • McAllister #250 Vegas Late Model
  • McAllister #252 Winchester Late Model
  • McAllsiter #237 Bakersfield Late Model
  • BMS Racing #P103 Shadow
  • Factory Works #7353 Rocket Late Model
  • Factory Works #7357 Concord Late Model
  • C&M Bodies #2010 Volunteer Late Model
  • C&M Bodies #2010-003 Nightmare Late Model
  • C&M Bodies #2011-001 Volunteer 10″
  • C&M Bodies #2011-002 Nightmare HD 9.5″
  • Stalker Bodies #009 Sniper 9 Late Model
  • Stalker Bodies #010 Sniper Late Model
  • Stalker Bodies #011 Specter 9.5
  • Stalker Bodies #012 Specter 10
  • Stalker Bodies Specter 9.0
  • Stalker Bodies Prowler 10
  • Protoform #1234-21 Cyclone 9.5 Late Model
  • Protoform #1235-21 Cyclone 10.0 Late Model
  • Protoform #1238-30 Nor’easter Late Model 


Os.12 TG production engine only. Must be out of the box STOCK. No modifications allowed. Rotary or Slide carb version ok. Any glow plug may be used. Glow plug gasket/washers of any size are permitted but not required. Production headers and pipes only with max 6mm stinger opening.

* No modifications to the stock, out of the box carburetor
* No modifications or additions to the head spacer
* No grinding, cutting, or polishing of the crank or other internal components
* Any marks inside the motor will be ruled on by management and are final
* Any replacement parts must be original stock
* Sleeve pinching will be legal to extend the life of the motor
* No additional modifcation to the sleeve will be allowed.

Production headers and pipes only with maximum 6 mm diameter single stinger opening. No carbon fiber pipes. Max fuel tank size is 75cc

**Any intentional rule breaking with the engine will result in immediate disqualification for that race day and loss of any points for that race. The owner of the motor will be placed on probation for one year. If a person is found in violation of the motor rule while on probation, he/she will be banned from all limited class races at Staub Brothers’ RC Speedway. Management will make the final decision.

Tear Down Procedure:
Management or a limited class racer who raced in the same Main with the subject can request an engine tear down. Management retains the right to deny a tear down. The source requesting the tear down must put up $20 for the subject’s time and materials. The subject will tear down his own motor after the class’s A-Main in front of track tech officials using his own tools. Only management, tech officials, the subject, and the person requesting the tear down will be present during the procedure. The vehicle may be impounded until the engine can be torn down. If the engine is found to be in violation of the engine rules or the subject rejects the request, the $20 tear down fee will be returned to the source and the above rule breaking consequences will be followed.


Wheel Base: (determined where outside of the tires touch the surface of the track)
Wheelbase 9.5″ to 11.5″
Max width 10.00″ using foam tires or 10.25″ using rubber tires
Minimum Weight: 56 oz
Foam tires or 2.0 to 2.2 rubber street treaded
All foam tires must be wiped clean of any traction compound before setting the vehicle down on the track. Tires will not be allowed to leave tracks on the racing surface or pit lane. One warning will be issued before disqualification for the day. 
No mini pins, ribbed or foams