Monday, May 20, 2024

12T Mudboss

Sportsman 12T Mudboss follows the same rules below. Sportsman guidelines are found at the end of these rules.


Legal bodies: Salvas Mudboss body, Salvas Clone, or J-Body Stock Mudboss

No modifications to the stock bodies allowed.


Must use the stock XL-5 ESC & unaltered Titan 12T 550 brushed motor   OR  TRAXXAS BL-2S combo brushless system. Tuning, tweaking, or modifying the motor in any way will not be allowed.  No physical mods allowed to motor. Motor must remain as OEM.  The stock (bullet) connectors on the motor must also be used. Soldering the connectors together is not allowed. Motors shall be no less than 10° F below the temp of a control motor.

No additional devices will be allowed connected to a car’s ESC other than a cooling fan during a qualifier or main


12T Brushed Motor w/ XL5 = 22/90 or 21/86

BL-2S Motor and ESC = 21/90 or 20/86
The pinion and spur must be clearly marked with no tampering.
The Traxxas spur gears (#4686 or #4690) must be used.


Any 2-cell 7.4v LiPo hard-case battery with a maximum of 5200mah and 50c, with external plug only (no “bullet type” connector)

Examples but not limited too.

Power hobby 2s 7.4v 5200mAh 50C (#2S520050C) ● Fantom 5200 50C (Fan26168D) ● RC King 5200 30C ● Trinity TRITEP2307 2S 7.4v 5200mah 50C ● LiPo Onyx 2S 7.4V 5000mAh 25C Hard Case Deans

Battery must be mounted in the stock center tray location, but can be moved forward or back as long as it stays within the stock boundaries of the battery tray.

Checked batteries shall be no more than 10° F above the temp of the control pack.

Changing the battery plug on the ESC to fit your battery is allowed. However, direct soldering the battery wires is not.


Must use stock Traxxas Slash 2wd chassis and components, unmodified, unless otherwise specified. No modifying, replacing, or removing any components unless otherwise specified.

All suspension components must be installed in the proper position and orientation on the car from the factory

(EXAMPLE: Left caster block on the left; right block on the right, front shocks on front, rear shocks on rear, suspension arms right side up, etc)

Locking or modifying the differential in any way will not be allowed. The differential must have normal diff action, and cannot turn the motor over when rotating one rear tire against the normal compression (resistance) of the motor. No ball diff’s.


Any additional weight must be added within the main chassis plate area. Adding weight to nerf bars, bumpers, headers, suspension arms, or any component not within the main chassis area will not be allowed.

The ESC, transponder, and receiver can be mounted anywhere in the main chassis plate area only.

Minimum Ride Height: .750″ (including body)

Adding weight (in any way) is not allowed, wheel balancing is allowed (sole purpose of balancing, not to add weight).

Original Rear (TRAXXAS 5858) and Front springs (TRAXXAS 5857) (no LCG kit springs or aftermarket springs)
Front springs may be cut in order to shorten them (no more than 5 round removed on ONE end) Rear Springs must remain unaltered

The hard anodized teflon coated shocks and aluminum shock caps (any color) are allowed.

Different weight shock oil may be used as well as internal shock limiters to adjust ride height and droop. NO limiting upward travel.

2-stage pistons or any modification to the shock to tune the compression and rebound separately will not be allowed.

Legal Tuning Parts

Any color Traxxas Slash aluminum steering bell cranks (#3743), caster blocks (#3632), steering blocks (#3636), camber links, and rear axle carriers (#3652) are allowed.

RPM rear carriers (#80382), front steering blocks (#80372), caster blocks (#80712), front (#80952, #80953, #80955) & rear (#81002, #81003, #81005) bumpers, and suspension arms rear(#80592, #80594, #80595) & front(#80242, #80244, #80245) will be allowed.

The “hoop” and “ears” on the front bumper may be cut off, however, the main area of the bumper must remain intact.

Transmitter/Receiver and servo may be replaced. (Servo saver will also not be a tech item)

The hard anodized teflon coated shocks and aluminum shock caps (any color) are allowed.

Different weight shock oil may be used as well as internal shock limiters to adjust ride height and droop.

2-stage pistons or any modification to the shock to tune the compression and rebound separately will NOT be allowed.

Servo and servo saver may be replaced or changed.


Any original Traxxas slash rubber tire/wheel/inserts (BFG/KUMHO/SPEC) any wheel combination of the SAME TIRE TYPE (ie..4 fronts, 4 rears, 3 front 1 rear…) Duratrax Bandito, Proline Hoosiers  or any other tires not listed above are not allowed.   No foam tires.

S1 compound tires for any of the treads will not be allowed.

Tire traction additives are legal. All tires must be wiped clean of any traction compound before setting the vehicle down on the track. Tires will not be allowed to leave tracks on the racing surface. One warning will be issued before disqualification for the day.

Each wheel must have two vent holes no larger than .350”. Additional lightening of the wheel will not be allowed.

Grinding, cutting, or altering the inside of the tire in any way will not be allowed. No extra grooving, splicing, or siping of the outside tread of the tire. Gluing or taping the outside of the tire to help prevent traction rolling will be allowed.

Tires cannot be ground down to slicks. Tires must have a minimum tread depth of .065″ for all three tread styles.

Must use the stock foam insert provided with tire. Altering the insert will not be permitted. One foam insert per tire only.


This class will be limited to drivers with less than 1.5 years of any type of RC racing or under the age of 13.  Drivers racing in this class cannot run any other of our regular-program RC classes. A sportsman driver moving to a regular-program class will be allowed a 2 week “overlap” where he/she can run both classes before making the permanent switch to a new class.  Management will make exceptions for drivers that need more time to gain the skills and knowledge to move up or if a driver has progressed extremely well, he/she may be required to move up sooner.