Monday, May 20, 2024

Stock Legend


  • Only Dynamite 20T brushed motor (Part #DYN1171)
  • Breaking in to seat the brushes is allowed.
  • Cleaning motors with motor spray and conditioning the brushes and commutator with oil and
    comm drops is allowed.
  • Motor cooling fans and heat sinks are allowed.
  • Motor must be within 2 degrees of room temperature before Heat or Main.
  • Motor may not be altered in any way!
  • Zapping, advancing the timing, or any internal or external modifications to the motor is illegal.
  • The use of REVERSE is not allowed during a Heat or a Main.


  • Stock 48 pitch 81 tooth spur and 21, 22, or 23 tooth pinions only.
  • Replacement aluminum pinions are allowed in those teeth only.


  • Any 6 Cell 1800mAH battery and under.
  • Quick release, hobby grade connector is required.

Speed Control ESC

Any Brushed compatible ESC is allowed. We recommend the Hobbywing Quickrun1625 (HWI30120000)


  • Absolutely no changes to the configuration of the chassis or cutting on the chassis parts. No
    replacement parts of graphite or other higher tech materials. Lead or other ballast material to
    prevent rollover is not allowed.
  • Lead weight will be allowed to make minimum weight.
  • Any location of receiver and speed control on top of the battery plate is allowed. Steering
    servo may be mounted on the front axle plate, or under the long battery tray.
  • No changes in the steering blocks or front axles. Different springs, shims or other pieces may
    be added to help the strength, stability, or ride height adjustments; but steering blocks and axles
    MUST be stock. May also add the front kingpin brace (RJS #5240) to help prevent front axle
    breakage in severe wrecks. You may put a washer behind the e-clip on the front axle to stop it
    from pulling thru the steering block.
  • Original front steering rods may be replaced with any steering rods.
  • The three piece front axle plate (RJS #5246) is allowed to facilitate quick repairs.
  • Factory front bumper must remain on the car.
  • Must use stock bushings no bearings
  • Only the stock steel rear axle and differential are allowed.

Ride Height

Ride height must not be lower then 4mm at lowest point.

Minimum Weight

38 oz


  • Only Legend specific foam tires on factory wheels
  • Any compound
  • Grooving and Cross-Grooves are allowed
  • All foam tires must be wiped clean of any traction compound before setting the vehicle down on the track. Tires will not be allowed to leave tracks on the racing surface or pit lane. One warning will be issued before disqualification for the day.


Only genuine RJ Speed Legend bodies are allowed.

RJS #1016 34 CoupeRJS #1017 Sedan
RJS #1018 40 CoupeRJS #1035 34 Sedan
RJS #1036 37F CoupeRJS #2244 34F Coupe
RJS #2267 37 CoupeRJS #2270 34 Sedan
RJS #2290 37 CoupeRJS #2291 37 Sedan
RJS #2294 37 CoupeRJS #2295 37 Sedan
RJS #2296 40 Coupe

Bodies must be cut to stock line, but trimming to reduce tire rub is allowed. Body must be
painted & all windows clear. It is legal to reinforce the inside of the body where the
side posts go thru with tape or scrap Lexan from the wheel cutouts. No rollover or stiff antennas allowed. Antenna may be mounted inside the body.