Sunday, June 16, 2024

2018 Classes Announced

The 2018 anticipated lineup of classes has been announced along with some minor rule changes.

Slash MDM–No Rule Changes

17.5 Stock EDM–No Rule Changes

Sportsman Late Model
–Hobbywing 3650 17.5 motor added to the approved motor
–Hobbywing Justock black or Blue ESC added to Spec. ESC list
–Hobbywing XR10 Justock ESC also added to the Spec. ESC list
–Fantom 5200 50c (Fan26168D) battery added to the list
–The Speed Passion 17.5 motor cannot be paired with any of the Hobbywing ESCs

Nitro Late Model–No Rule Changes
This is the only dirt oval nitro class remaining on the schedule.  We had a lot of fun last year with the class and there are rumors that more drivers will return to the class this season.

17.5 Spec Late Model–No Rule Changes other than foam tires only

Sportsman Sprint
–Same rule changes as Sportsman Late Model

17.5 Stock Sprint
–Replaces 17.5 Spec. Sprint
–Any 17.5 Stock/Spec ROAR approved motor by April 1 prior to the start of the season.
–Any ROAR-approved (by April 1) hardcase 2s LIPO (max MAH limit removed 3/14/18). Must use quick-release, hobby-grade connector.
–Any other Non-adjustable ESC with a street price of under $250.
–Foam tires  only

10.5 Sprint–No Rule Changes

Modified Sprint–No Rule Changes (most likely a limited race schedule)

MudBoss–New but limited race schedule

As in years past, we provide an excellent racing venue and set the rules packages.  Our weekly racers determine which classes are actually supported and run on a regular basis. So if you like a certain class, than be sure to first show up to run the class and also promote it to your racing buddies.

Remainder: For a class to be recognized in the 2018 points series and eligible to receive point series plaques at the end of the season, the class must race at least 80% of the scheduled points races throughout the season and at least six different drivers must have raced at least three times in that class’s points races.