Monday, May 20, 2024

10.5 EDM




Front bumper must be mounted flat and can not be angled up to act as a wing. An additional front body panel is allowed on the front of the car but may not extend forward of the front bumper. Front and rear windows must be removed and any clear portion is included in max roof length dimension. Side windows must remain clear. No rear wheel cutouts are allowed on the horizontal plane of the inner. Right and Left rear wheel wells must be cut out to appropriate scale dimensions.

Dimensional specifications Drawing: EDM SPECIFICATIONS

  • Must have 2 side panel braces as specified in drawing that must hold side panels at 90 degrees to inner panel both staticly and during racing conditions.

Roof specifications Drawing: Roof Specifications

  • Must have rear roof spoiler Min 1/8″ Max 1/4″ bend DOWN between 45 and 90 degrees

Side panels must be no larger than one of the following three templates:
Bicknell Template       Teo Template      Troyer Template           FULLSIZE TEMPLATES

  • All fabricated body panels ie: Doors, Windows, Roof, and Inner Panel must be made from minimum .020″ thick lexan/polycarbonate material (.020″ measurment does not include any decal or wrap)
  • All Vacuum formed body panels must be pulled from minimum .030″ thick lexan/polycarbonate material. Separate hoods and front body panels may be pulled from .020″ lexan/polycarbonate material.
  • Inner panel and spoiler can not extend beyond rear of side panels
  • Outer front edge of inner panel can not extend beyond the front of the door but may taper from that point forward of the door toward the hood at a point no more then 1.5″ forward of the door.
  • Inner panel must be flat (on 1 plane) from spoiler base to a point within 1.5″ from front of door.
  • Maximum length of complete car: 19.5″
  • Both sides of body must be at 90 Degrees to the rear of body and or spoiler
  • Door/side panel may have a 90 degree “BEND IN” max 3/8″ at bottom for strength
  • Maximum front bumper width: 5.0″
  • Front body panel max width: 4.0″
  • Front body panel max chord length: 3.00″
  • Max Side lip on front panel and Hood 1/4″
  • Rear spoiler: max chord is 3.0″ from body deck including any wickerbills
  • Left Side Panel must be inside a straight line drawn from the outside of both left side wheels/tires and outside of left side of chassis.
  • Bodies must have at least 1/3 of right rear tire exposed when viewed from front, top and rear of car.

Inner panel must have SCALE APPEARING hood that extends from at least the door leading edge to at least the leading edge of the roof. The following specifications are relative to the hood in the area defined in previous sentence.

  • Hood must be centered on inner panel
  • Hood Width: Minimum 2.5″
  • Minimum hood height for entire length is: .750″
  • Clearance between top of hood and leading edge of roof is min. 1.0″ and max 2.0″


10.5 SPEC MOTORS listed on our 10.5 Spec Motor List by April 1 prior to start of season.

Additional 10.5 Motor Requirements:

  • Max of 12.5mm or smaller in diameter sized rotor.
  • The three slotted stator must be wound with 10.5 turns of 2 strands of a maximum diameter of 0.813mm and two strands of a maximum diameter of 0.643mm per slot.
  • No motor will be approved with a resistance less than 13.6 milliohms* between any 2 phases of the motor (AB, AC, BC), when measured at 25C with an Instek GOM 802 milliohm meter.
    (Source: Dixie Nats 2019 Rules)


Any ROAR Approved Hard Case Battery.
Checked batteries shall be no more than 10° F above the temp of the control pack.
No additional batteries are allowed including those used to power receivers or cooling fans.

Electronic Speed Control
Non-adjustable (preferred) or Blinky mode.  Timing cannot be added to the ESC.

No additional devices will be allowed connected to a car’s ESC other than a cooling fan during a qualifier or main.


Wheel Base
(determined where outside of tires touch the surface of the track)
Wheelbase 9.5″ to 11.5″
Max width 10.00″ using foam tires or 10.25″using rubber street tires.

Minimum Weight
53 oz.


Foam tires only
All foam tires must be wiped clean of any traction compound before setting the vehicle down on the track. Tires will not be allowed to leave tracks on the racing surface or pit lane. One warning will be issued before disqualification for the day.
No mini pins, ribbed or foam