Track Update–We remain closed

May 3, 2020

Adams county remains in the red phase. It looks like our county will remain in the red phase for at least two more weeks. Unfortunately our facility will remain closed to the general public until Governor Wolf places our county in the yellow phase. We are working on and testing procedures that will allow us to open safely when we are given full permission. At this point, we have not received any special guidance from the Commonwealth on when we can open or what restrictions will be placed on outside recreational businesses to be able to open to the public. Understand that the PA yellow phase limits gatherings to 25 people. Does that include outdoor activities? We do not know. We do know our driver count last season was only below 25 drivers once–and that did not include staff and spectators. It is frustrating but it will take time for things to safely improve.

“Curb-side” parts pickups will continue. Email me to check on parts availability and schedule a pick up time. We thank you for your support.

In the coming weeks, we hope to initiate an invite-only practice session to a few drivers to test our procedures and try to get a feel for what a safe participation level may look like. Please be patient and understanding over the next month or so. The 2020 racing season will look very different from the last 29 seasons.