Proposed 2020 ESC Rule Change

The 2019 season is just days away and we are already looking towards the future. We want to make our racers aware of a likely rule change for next season (2020). We will be going to a locked (no timing) ESC for 2020 in all Stock 17.5 classes and 10.5 classes. There are a few reasons why we are proposing this:

  • A less expensive ESC–no reason to spend over $100 for a programmable ESC that must be in blinky anyway.
  • ESC would be consistent in almost every class making it easier and cheaper to move from a 17.5 to a 10.5 class or vice versa. Just change the motor.
  • Easier for teching and less time in tech for racers.
  • Most ESC manufacturers have a quality locked ESC still giving racers a choice of brand that they feel is best for their style of racing and performance.
  • There has been a growing concern that some manufacturer’s blinky mode is enhanced.
  • It eliminates the temptation for trying to cheat the blinky mode.

There is no ESC rule change for the upcoming 2019 racing season! A final decision on this will not be made until the 2020 rules package is announced (most likely February, 2020). We are announcing this now to give our racers plenty of time to make the proper plans and purchases. Announcing this now gives us several months to obtain racer feedback along with the pros and cons of such a major change. As a track that has invested many years into this hobby, announcing this now is the responsible thing to do. Discussion with other area tracks and series will also be done over the next few months.