COVID-19 Track Safety Guidelines

There is nothing more that we want than to get back to RC racing. We are anxiously awaiting this special 2020 season–our 30th year in business. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic and the government and health regulations have wrecked our dream season. Whether you agree with the health guidelines and government actions or not, is a mute point. The reality is things are going to be different for months to come. Staub Brothers’ RC Speedway is committed to the safety of our staff and customers. We are being proactive and developing guidelines and procedures that we and our customers will need to follow once the Commonwealth of PA allows us to reopen.

Please read over the guidelines linked below. a s the Coronavirus landscape changes or CDC and government health regulations change, this document will also be updated. We are sure there will be additions and hopefully deletions to these guidelines in the weeks to come. Stay safe and we hope to see you at the track soon!

Special Safety Procedures for COVID-19 Pandemic