2020 Class Rules Updates

We are happy to announce only minor tweaks to the 2020 Class Rules Package from last season. The class specs on our website have been updated in red to reflect the changes. There are only a few changes or clarifications:

In the Sportsman classes the Custom Works “Slick” rubber tire standard compound (HB compound is not allowed) with Orange foam insert (Front #6305, Rear #6306) has been added as an approved tire choice. Custom Works standard compound “Sticker” tires and BSR spec foams (purple band) are still legal.

The 8000mAH battery limit has been removed from all 17.5 and 10.5 classes.

Since ROAR does not update or approve Spec 10.5 motors, we wanted to clarify the motor requirements for our 10.5 classes. Therefore we adopted language from the 2019 Dixie Nationals which also helps to align us with our Southern RC racers.

Additional 10.5 Motor Requirements:

Max of 12.5mm or smaller in diameter sized rotor.

The three slotted stator must be wound with 10.5 turns of 2 strands of a maximum diameter of 0.813mm and two strands of a maximum diameter of 0.643mm per slot.

No motor will be approved with a resistance less than 13.6 milliohms* between any 2 phases of the motor (AB, AC, BC), when measured at 25C with an Instek GOM 802 milliohm meter.

We will again be utilizing the Driver’s Honor Code & Procedure for Teching that was initiated early on in the 2019 season. It was very successful last year and it places the responsibility for following and enforcing the rules on the drivers. Track promoters and track tech crew will help facilitate these guidelines. All drivers racing at our facility must be knowledgeable of the rules and teching procedures. No rules package and teching procedures are perfect but this addresses several issues and struggles that we have been experiencing at our track over the last few years.