2019 Championship Dash Results

We thank Staub Brothers’ Used Auto Parts for sponsoring this event for the past 27 years. Even more importantly, we thank the 49 drivers who made up the 74 entries for the Championship Dash despite the forecasted rain. Ultimately the rain shortened this great program for the second year in a row.

Results were calculated by taking the 2 mains and using the best one for placement. In the Mod. Sprint class where the rain denied the second round of mains, we were only able to use the one main to determine position. Later in the evening on Saturday after the results were finalized, I noticed a mistake in the 10.5 Sprint spreadsheet. Google Sheets did not calculate some driver’s lowest main correctly (I should have used Excel). The results below have the correct results. If any driver advanced to a higher placement, let me know and we will make up the difference in payout. If you dropped a position or two in the standings from what you were paid out, enjoy the extra money from our mistake.

The total cash payout, including The Last Man Standing drawing totaled $1,300 completely sponsored by our track. I hope everyone enjoyed the drawing. It made the evening with the short rain delays a little more bearable. Congratulations to Colin Beltz (3rd), Shane Smallwood (2nd), and Keith Fletcher (1st). Shane and Keith decided to split the 1st and 2nd winnings. I hope Colin didn’t spend all his money on candy from the concessions trailer. šŸ™‚

It is truly a privilege to offer this program every year to our area racers and we really appreciate the number of out-of-state drivers that made the long trip for the event knowing that there was a likely chance that rain was going to shorten the program. I believe it is a testament to our facility, its reputation, our staff, and the regular drivers that habitually race at our track.

2019 Championship Dash Results

If other mistakes are noticed, please email me.