17.5 Open Late Model Class Proposed

Several of our 17.5 Stock Late Model drivers have been discussing a proposal to run open ESC in the 17.5 Late Model class for the 2020 racing season. The new class requires only one change from the current stock rules. The only change from the Stock rules and the Open rules is the ESC can have timing advanced and boosted within the ESC and not just the motor. This allows for more ESC choices and tune-ability for drivers. This would be a faster class than the 17.5 Stock Class thus separating the Sportsman Late Model and 17.5 Late Model classes further. This speed and driving characteristics difference is already being accomplished successfully in the Sprint classes with the number of classes offered to the Sprints (Sportsman, 17.5 Stock, 10.5 and Mod Sprint classes). Regrettably, the field of Late Models over the last few seasons at our track would not sustain three Late Model classes.

Our plans are to showcase the 17.5 Open Late Model class at the Season Opener (May 2) and for the Championship Dash (May 9). This will give the Late Model guys a chance to test the class and discuss the pros and cons of the class with each other. After driver testing and feedback, we will come to a decision whether to use the Stock or Open Late Model class in the 2020 Points Series. As far as the Northeast Summer Championship Race (June 19-20), we may run both 17.5 Stock and Open Late Model Classes.

The 17.5 Open Late Model Class Specs can be viewed on our website under Class Specs.