Facility Improvements

There are several improvements to our facility for the 2017 season.  The most exciting addition this year is the partnership between our track and RC Scoring Pro to offer our drivers and racing fans a totally online experience.  Drivers and fans will now be able to go to RCScoringPro.com to see practice times, heat and main lineups, and results of all drivers.  No longer a need to stand in line to see the race lineup. You can even watch the race lap times and positions live online! If that’s not enough, coming soon, we will be streaming live from RC Scoring Pro’s website.  We know our drivers have been waiting for this for about two years now, but we think the service was worth the wait as we join less than 200 tracks around the world offering this new RC Scoring Pro service. To handle the new online data demands, we now have six times more bandwidth than in previous, years importantly 15 Mbps of upload speed. We still plan to have our two TVs in use for drivers and fans at the track to see the scoring system.

Over the winter months, we were finally able to update our Point of Sales equipment and upgraded the POS software as well. We now have a dedicated credit card reader so our customers don’t have to wait until the end of the night to pay their bill using a credit card. We can accept your credit card at any time with a faster checkout experience.  We still greatly appreciate those who pay with cash, saving us the credit card usage fees.

Thanks to Moose Blocks’ owner Steve Brockenshire, pit lane is getting a face lift with new fill underneath and brand new carpet that will extend a little further than the old carpet starting at the track gate in turn 4 down to the exit of pit lane.   Unfortunately the weather recently had us very busy with track prep so the installation and improvements to pit lane will occur in the next few weeks. Big thanks to Moose Blocks!

All new outdoor speaker wire was installed with no more than two speakers on a wire run.  Staub Brothers’ Racing Network (SBRN) will be available at the track so drivers pitting further away from the track or in the comfort of their trailers will still hear all announcements and race calling.

Lastly, the 1st turn telephone pole that fell over a few weeks ago has been replaced and the light repaired and hung again. We have been able to eliminate the extra and older halogen light that was also in turn one below the metal halide light.  We are also planning to add electrical outlets for drivers in turn 1 and in the middle of turns 1 and 2 so those pitting at that end of the track won’t have to so far for electric.