Clarification on 17.5 Tire Rule

There has been discussion about our tire rule in the 17.5 spec classes.  Since foam tires made a return many years ago, we have used an open tire rule–foams or rubber street tread tires. Foam tires have performed and worn well on our track if drivers choose the right compounds and car setup.  There is a reason why many local dirt oval drivers switched from rubber tires  to foam tires in the mid 2000’s. Even though the new CW Sticker rubber tire is a marked improvement from the older style street tires, we still believe foam tires provide the best performance and wear for the faster classes at our track.  Not everyone may agree–and that’s OK.  Despite what we think, we do not feel comfortable changing a tire rule at the start of a racing season.  The tire rule for the 2017 season will remain an open tire rule for the 17.5 Spec Sprint and Late Model Classes.  Remember the rule states the rubber tire must have tread, bald tires will not be allowed.

The stock 17.5 EDM class will change to a foam only tire rule.