Championship Dash Rescheduled

Due to the Championship Dash rain out on May 12, the event has been rescheduled for June 16.  Practice will begin around Noon. We will rerun the entire event over so those who missed the event in May can join us without penalty. Hopefully, this will increase the car count which will mean a higher cash payout for all.  The qualifiers will begin between 3:00 and 4:00 depending on car count. Seven mains from round 1 were completed on May 12 (check to see the current standings from the May Dash). Any mains run from the original date will still be included. In other words, drivers who already have a main recorded, will have 4 mains to base their best two for the payout (2 worst runs will be dropped) where all other drivers will have 3 mains (worst main dropped).   This is the fairest way we could do the format while still promoting the event like it deserves.

The Beaver’s Auto Body Nitro Late Model Race #1 is also scheduled for this day.  We will run the same Championship Dash format for the Nitro Late Models–1 qualifier, 3 mains (sum of best two used for placement).  The difference is this class will be charged regular registration fee and receive the Beaver’s Auto Body cash payout and points plus get an extra 4 minute race!

Below is the original announcement giving all the details

The popular Staub Brothers’ Used Auto Parts Championships Dash is Saturday, June 16 (rescheduled from May 12, 2018). The unique format, virtually unchanged over the 26 years, is a crowd and driver favorite.

TQ, top half of field to be paid, random Lucky Dog payouts
Collector’s Dash Plate for every participant.

One qualifier to set the 5-9 car Mains
Three Mains (no bump ups)–Best two mains totaled together for position. Tie breaker is fastest main.
All normal speedway classes are eligible to race the Dash as long as there are 5 in the class.

Practice Begins approximately at Noon
Qualifier between 3:00 & 4:00 p.m. (depending on car count)
Late entries are accepted. If you miss the qualifier, you will be placed in the last main and have the same chance to win as the guys in the upper Mains.

1st Class-$25.00
Additional Classes/Slash MDM-$10.00

Eligible Classes:
Need 5 entries for the class to run.
Slash MDM
Limited Late Model (nitro)
Sportsman Late Model
17.5 Spec Late Model
17.5 Stock EDM
Sportsman Sprint
17.5 Stock Sprint
10.5 Sprint
Mod Sprint