17.5 Spec Late Model


Late Model bodies may have an under body support to brace each rear quarter panel, but must hold it in stock position, can not be flared out. No additional wings, flaps, spoilers, wickers, vents or doohickeys will be allowed. Body may not be altered in any way from it’s stock configuration ie: shortened, lengthened, narrowed, flared fenders etc. Front and rear windows may be removed at trim lines but a flat lexan or similar material deck must be added in cockpit area. Bodies with add on roofs may leave front and rear windows in or out but roofs must be mounted in stock position. All four wheel wells must be cut out to appropriate scale dimensions.

  • Rear Spoiler: maximum chord is 2.00″ from body deck including any wickerbills.
  • Rear Spoiler Cap: See Drawing
  • Maximum rear deck height from bottom of chassis is 4.0″

Approved bodies only. No homemade bodies.

DirtOval.com Approved Late Model Body List :

  • Custom Works #9012 Eldora Late Model
  • Custom Works #9014 Paducah Late Model
  • Custom Works #9015 Springfield Late Model
  • Custom Works #9016 Paducah 2 Late Model
  • Custom Works #9070 Keystone Late Model
  • Custom Works #9071 Buckeye Late Model (9.5″)
  • Custom Works #9072 Mountaineer Late Model (10.0″)
  • McAllister #207 Tulsa Late Model
  • McAllister #250 Vegas Late Model
  • McAllister #252 Winchester Late Model
  • McAllsiter #237 Bakersfield Late Model
  • BMS Racing #P103 Shadow
  • Factory Works #7353 Rocket Late Model
  • Factory Works #7357 Concord Late Model
  • C&M Bodies #2010 Volunteer Late Model
  • C&M Bodies #2010-003 Nightmare Late Model
  • C&M Bodies #2011-001 Volunteer 10″
  • C&M Bodies #2011-002 Nightmare HD 9.5″
  • Stalker Bodies #009 Sniper 9 Late Model
  • Stalker Bodies #010 Sniper Late Model
  • Stalker Bodies #011 Specter 9.5
  • Stalker Bodies #012 Specter 10
  • Stalker Bodies Specter 9.0
  • Stalker Bodies Prowler 10
  • Protoform #1234-21 Cyclone 9.5 Late Model
  • Protoform #1235-21 Cyclone 10.0 Late Model
  • Protoform #1238-30 Nor’easter Late Model


DODC SPEC 17.5 MOTORS (Schuur Speed 17.5 Extreme Stock SS, Novak Ballistic, Novak Premium Ballistic and Novak High RPM Ballistic 17.5 motors only.) Any parts standard to any of the listed motors can be used including, ceramic bearings and vented endbells.) Motors shall be no less than 10° F below the temp of a control motor.

Intermixing of manufacturer parts will not be allowed. No parts of motors may be modified, altered or removed in any way. All stock hardware must be used, I.E. no aluminum or titanium screws/bolts. The minimum resistance allowed is 21.1 milli-Ohm’s at 75* F. It is not legal to unwind, rewind, unsolder, resolder, re-epoxy, add epoxy or any other coating or material to any part of the stator. If the solder tabs are found to be tampered with you will be immediately disqualified. All motors are subject to disassembly at any given time during an event at the race directors discretion.

Spec Class Motors:
1) Schuur Speed 17.5 Extreme Stock (#SUU540174) Black can & End bell Only. Signature Select Series will NOT be legal. Ceramic bearings may be used but must be the same dimensions. The Schuur Speed motor must use the 12.5mm x 24.2mm rotor that comes standard in the Schuur Speed Motor (#SUU501126) Removal of Stator from can will result in immediate disqualification.

2) Novak Ballistic, Premium Ballistic, High RPM Ballistic and Vulcan Spec 17.5 motors only. Any parts standard to each design/make must be used respectively. Ceramic bearings may be used but must be the same dimensions as the original bearing. All Novak motors must use the 12.5mm (MPV5955) pre 12.3mm (NOV5941) rotor.

Approved Batteries:
Fantom Racing 5200 mAH 50C battery (FAN26168D)
RC King 5200 30C (#5230-2S1PD)
LiPo Onyx 2S 7.4V 4000mAh 25C Hard Case Deans
LiPo Onyx 2S 7.4V 5000mAh 25C Hard Case Deans
Dynamite DYN9005EC Reaction 5000mah 2S 30C
Dynamite 5302d Speedpack Gold 4200mAh 30C
DODC SPEC Li-Po 3200mah

Batteries must use stock Deans style plug for connection to ESC. No additional batteries are allowed including those used to power receivers or cooling fans. Checked batteries shall be no more than 10° F above the temp of the control pack.

DODC Spec motors must be out of the box stock, with no modifications allowed. No parts of motors may be modified, altered or removed in any way. You can replace any parts of the motors with stock OEM replacement parts only. ie: rotors, stators, etc.

Spec Speed Control
Novak Edge or Novak Havoc
SPEED PASSION Reventon Stock Club Race part number:SP000048
Hobbywing Justock Black Edition 81020001 & Blue Edition 81020000
Hobbywing XeRun XR10 Justock (30112000)
Tekin RS Gen2 Spec ESC (TEKTT1155)



Wheel Base
(determined where outside of tires touch the surface of the track)
Wheelbase 9.5″ to 11.5″
Max width 10.00″ using foam tires or 10.25″using rubber street tires.

Minimum Weight
53 oz.


Foam tires only
All foam tires must be wiped clean of any traction compound before setting the vehicle down on the track. Tires will not be allowed to leave tracks on the racing surface or pit lane. One warning will be issued before disqualification for the day.
No mini pins, ribbed or foams